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Few people want to be a bad guy or do well being the odd man out. But the world is filled with an endless number of opinions and lifestyles and beliefs. By saying that I don’t mean that it’s necessary for someone to be the bad guy but instead that you cannot please everyone. Even at your very best, there will be someone who disagrees or dislikes you.

Human nature includes jealousy, greed, and envy. Some people do better at controlling those emotions than others, but they still exist.

For your own peace of mind you have to just be the best person you can be and accept that you still won’t please everyone. You have to accept that everyone won’t please you.

Get over it, agree to disagree. Accept that differences make the world go ’round. Life without variety would be dull. Part of being your own man means having your own style – but more importantly – it means owning it.

If you aren’t happy with yourself, why should anyone else be?

The other morning I sat down at breakfast and noticed a little old man sitting next to me. I smiled and let the moment pass not thinking too much about it and not expecting much more from it.

A few minutes later, a little old woman join him. Having seen many old people eat breakfast before, I barely gave it a second thought. But, when the woman sat down I couldn’t help but overhear her talking. Then I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Almost as soon as she sat down she started complaining. This was not the average bitter old woman! I heard her say “That stupid bitch!” Immediately I was shocked. Everyone at my table must have heard it because it got silent. No one knew what to say. I mean how crabby can this old lady possibly be?! They must have said “stupid bitch!” about 5 times in a row. And it turns out she was mad because there was a lady in front of her at the omelette bar holding up the line because she didn’t know what she wanted. Whoa! I was floored! This lady was so old and crabby that the omelette line set her off.

A couple of minutes passed, and the old lady started talking to me. Well, to my friend. Apparently, this lady noticed the college shirt my friend was wearing and had something to say about it. I had no idea where or how this was going to go. I didn’t doubt my friend had just heard the omelette story. And I knew she would not deal with this lady’s attitude…. so here it goes… what will happen next…?

It turns out the old lady used to live in the same state as the college mentioned on my friends’ shirt. She was very fond of the area and that broke the ice to a casual conversation.

As it turned out,  I was celebrating my birthday. The lady and her husband were celebrating his birthday. As the conversation went on, I learned that the lady had survived breast cancer – twice.  She was proudly wearing pink T-shirt and advising all women who would listen to get checked out.

She had served in the Navy and was somewhat of a pin-up girl who became popular when she was caught on camera smoking cigars with some ranking officers.

When she was younger, she used to own a ’58 Chevy. She told us how she used to play chicken on the road and run from the cops. She got so illuminated when she was telling these stories. And she had no time for the guys who thought she couldn’t hold her own.

We reminisced about some college parties she used to go to after the football games.

It turns out she wasn’t bitchy at all – she was feisty! She was quite the character and a great random person to chat with. You never know who will cross your path or what story they have to tell.

Two lessons here:  1) Never underestimate the story of strangers. 2) Live your life as to have a wonderful story to share with others.

Experts say that your personality is formed by age 7. And until your early teenage years you are usually under the protective thumb of your parents, guiding you away from danger and bad decisions. But before you know it you get to make your own decisions, which in some way will direct your life down one of many paths. So it’s a good idea to figure out where you stand on certain issues sooner rather than later.

A lot of this happens rights in front you and you don’t even realize it. We tend to pick up the opinions of our family and friends because that’s what we see most often and until we expand our world (i.e. moving out on your own, going to college, etc) we take the opinions of our close social circle as gospel. But as we grow up/ mature we start to question things more, not necessarily to argue what we’ve been instilled with, but often times to attempt to explain our position to others. You’ll soon realize that your opinion may differ from your parents – which isn’t always a bad thing!

With the upcoming presidential elections, this is a great time to be more cognizant of your stance on all kinds of issues. By watching the daily news or grabbing any daily paper you can see both political parties arguing their views. One side of the other will resonate with you for your own reasons. Be aware of that and realize how you feel about these issues. Also think about why you choose “x” over “y”. This will give you good insight into your values and morals.

It’s good to know where you stand for all kinds of reasons. First, it will educate you on who you want to vote for. But also you’ll be more aware and informed, and in turn be able to hold your own in conversation. It will provide you insight on the type of person you want to date/marry, and what kind of citizen you want to be. You’ll know what types of products you’ll want to buy and use. You’ll feel better supporting or not supporting certain charities. You’ll view the world as an active participant instead of just following the crowd.

As a man it’s good to know where you stand and why. It shows you have an opinion and stand for something. It shows you are taking the lead in your life and choosing a side. It’s easy to be “on the fence” and not commit to either side. But a man knows where he stands and he can tell you why he believes in what he does.