Few people want to be a bad guy or do well being the odd man out. But the world is filled with an endless number of opinions and lifestyles and beliefs. By saying that I don’t mean that it’s necessary for someone to be the bad guy but instead that you cannot please everyone. Even at your very best, there will be someone who disagrees or dislikes you.

Human nature includes jealousy, greed, and envy. Some people do better at controlling those emotions than others, but they still exist.

For your own peace of mind you have to just be the best person you can be and accept that you still won’t please everyone. You have to accept that everyone won’t please you.

Get over it, agree to disagree. Accept that differences make the world go ’round. Life without variety would be dull. Part of being your own man means having your own style – but more importantly – it means owning it.

If you aren’t happy with yourself, why should anyone else be?