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Almost everything we do revolves around money somehow. So the topic of money creeps up on us without us even knowing it. We can help but think about it. Sometimes we cant even help to talk about it. But where do we draw the line on details?

I grew up with very tight small circle of friends from a very young age, both boys and girls. Growing up we knew that some of us came from more money than others but it was never a big deal to us. We were happy on our bikes, playing in the woods, and sharing whatever toys we had with everyone we knew. But I saw a distinct swing as we got older…

The same group went through high school together, then on to college, and then on to life. We all followed our respective dreams and professions. Some move to other cities far away, some had kids… some even had to experience divorce. It was only then that the topic of money began to come up. Sometimes in conversation but probably more often in thought.

Different paths in different lives tend to cost more than others. People begin to have different responsibilities in life, some other than their own depending on their relationships.

As a group, we realized that we needed to be cognizant of the fact that we may all be at different financial points in our lives. When we were younger, a couple of us would make last minute crazy spring break plans, or spring for the latest concert tickets before they sold out. And anyone who didn’t join in was harped on by everyone until they gave in, so basically – resistance was futile!

But, as we grew up we have realized not everyone can make purchases on a whim. We have no doubt they would love to, if they could, but for some reason or another, they may not be able to.

We also realized that as exciting as it was to all be searching for our summer jobs in school, and then our career spots after school, it used to be cool and fun to talk about what pay we wanted or secured, and what crazy perks came with the job. But now thats not the fun part. We may have a beneficial perk handed to us while someone else struggles with a payment or other money burden.

We still enjoy each other’s company more than anything. We still make plans together. Sometimes they are to go out and sometimes its to cook at home. Either way we always have fun. We just make sure to be respectful of everyones situation and we never hesitate to help each other out however we can… but some details are better left unsaid.

Ok you’ve had one week to get settled and make, practice, and hopefully not yet break your New Years resolutions. So what did you come up with this year? Let’s take it a step further: we are all going to try to get in better shape and save more money. So let’s throw those two down as constants. For the rest of your life you will practice those two and not need to include them in your New Years plans. Instead you can use January 1st as your check in date and see what progress you’ve made I’m 365 days. So write down your starting numbers.

Now, what unique goals have you set for yourself in 2014? Here are mine…

1) I want to utilize the “silence” and “do not disturb” function on my smart phone more. I think cell phones are great tools and they do amazing things. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you my infatuation with my mobile devices. But I don’t need to check every alert the moment it comes in. I want to check them in the morning or evening or when I have free time for them. But not 6 times during a movie, twice during dinner, and every time I hear a beep or feel a buzz from my phone.

2) From seeing the local museums, to picking up tourist pamphlets at the local hotels, I always come up with ideas of things that I would like to try. I have tons and tons of digital notes on cool ideas. This year I just want to go. I want to drive downtown, head out in a given direction, and just go do it. There are free things and there are pay things, but what there isn’t is a reason not to do something. I want to explore my world !

3) I want to build this blog. It took my a while to even start it. I have plenty of ideas for it. And I want to continue to improve it for you and for me.

4) I’m pretty fortunate that I have been successful in a lot of my life’s attempts. And even with the ones I have failed at, I have learned from. If I have done this well so far, what if I pushed the envelope? I want to challenge myself this year, both in my personal and professional life.

What do you want to do in 2014? I’d love it if you’d post one or some of your thoughts in the comments section.