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“If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”


The other morning I sat down at breakfast and noticed a little old man sitting next to me. I smiled and let the moment pass not thinking too much about it and not expecting much more from it.

A few minutes later, a little old woman join him. Having seen many old people eat breakfast before, I barely gave it a second thought. But, when the woman sat down I couldn’t help but overhear her talking. Then I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Almost as soon as she sat down she started complaining. This was not the average bitter old woman! I heard her say “That stupid bitch!” Immediately I was shocked. Everyone at my table must have heard it because it got silent. No one knew what to say. I mean how crabby can this old lady possibly be?! They must have said “stupid bitch!” about 5 times in a row. And it turns out she was mad because there was a lady in front of her at the omelette bar holding up the line because she didn’t know what she wanted. Whoa! I was floored! This lady was so old and crabby that the omelette line set her off.

A couple of minutes passed, and the old lady started talking to me. Well, to my friend. Apparently, this lady noticed the college shirt my friend was wearing and had something to say about it. I had no idea where or how this was going to go. I didn’t doubt my friend had just heard the omelette story. And I knew she would not deal with this lady’s attitude…. so here it goes… what will happen next…?

It turns out the old lady used to live in the same state as the college mentioned on my friends’ shirt. She was very fond of the area and that broke the ice to a casual conversation.

As it turned out,  I was celebrating my birthday. The lady and her husband were celebrating his birthday. As the conversation went on, I learned that the lady had survived breast cancer – twice.  She was proudly wearing pink T-shirt and advising all women who would listen to get checked out.

She had served in the Navy and was somewhat of a pin-up girl who became popular when she was caught on camera smoking cigars with some ranking officers.

When she was younger, she used to own a ’58 Chevy. She told us how she used to play chicken on the road and run from the cops. She got so illuminated when she was telling these stories. And she had no time for the guys who thought she couldn’t hold her own.

We reminisced about some college parties she used to go to after the football games.

It turns out she wasn’t bitchy at all – she was feisty! She was quite the character and a great random person to chat with. You never know who will cross your path or what story they have to tell.

Two lessons here:  1) Never underestimate the story of strangers. 2) Live your life as to have a wonderful story to share with others.



I tend to get down about my job sometimes just like everyone else. Even though its my dream job, and it’s what I always wanted to do – its still a job. There are aspects that of it that drive me crazy.

For those readers in the United States or those familiar with the United States know that today we celebrate Thanksgiving. Now without getting into the history behind the day, just know that this day, as many other holidays, has come to include gathering with family and friends, relaxing and having the day off work, and watching some American football.

My job is one of those that never closes. It’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Of course we work in shifts so select people get lucky and have the holidays off. But even on holidays, someone has to be here. Do you see the connection yet? Yep I’m working on a holiday…

I wish I was at home enjoying a beer or some wine. But I’m here instead. I could gripe and be mad all day and talk about poor me… Or I can change my perspective.

First, I’m getting compensated to be here. Many people would love to have my job, some would love to have any job.

Second, everyone I have dealt with today is having a much worse day than mine. You could say I work in a service industry.

Third, I’m sitting here near our local children’s hospital wondering how those families feel. They’d give anything to “work a holiday” if that meant exchanging the problems they are dealing with.

We can always find reasons to complain about our situation. But often if we step back and take things into perspective, we will realize that many people out there have it much worse than us. It should make us grateful for the problems we have… Yes re-read that – be thankful for your problems.

If that’s hard for you to do, take a walk through a local hospital. Drive through the “bad” part of town. Hell, sink into your couch and watch the news – all of those settings could be yours to deal with.

When I look at the problems of others, I think I’ll hold on to my own…