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“Just do it”

It’s as simple as that. “Just do it”. Try, seize the opportunity.

Ask her out, apply for the job, go where you have not gone before.

Maybe you’ll fail, maybe you’ll succeed – but you will know.

I’ve always been somewhat of a fitness guy. But I have also also been fortunate to be naturally lean. Most of my fitness pertains to my job and my personal desire to do active things like hiking and bike riding for personal enjoyment.

But I have to admit, I have my lot phases. Sometime I get more interested in my DVR and relaxing on my couch. And age doesn’t help! I used to be able to take all the time off I wanted and jump back into the gym and bounce back into shape in about a week. But age hasn’t helped that!

But this past weekend I had a chance to watch an ironman competition and cheer on a friend. For anyone who doesn’t know, the ironman is a race that consists of a 2.5 mile swim, 112 miles bike ride and then a 26.2 mile run… Yea.. Not for the faint of heart.

But to my surprise the competitors were not all ultra athletes. Many had the body shape the appeared they hadn’t been to the gym in a while. And amazingly, there about 10 participants that were over the age of 70!

So standing on the side lines cheering these people on made me wonder why the heck I think I can’t complete a race like that?! Oh, I know I would need massive training. And I’d have to break through the mental barriers and trust that I can do it. But will I?

I’m a long way from an ironman but I have started to kick myself in the butt to get motivated and push myself more.

But more importantly, the entire experience made me wonder: if I set up mental barriers in my fitness, what other mental barriers have I let myself put up?

What have you talked yourself out of throughout your life? And what will you do to break free and excel?

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

– Winston Churchill

I always hear people complain about “Hallmark holidays”, meaning holidays created by the ever so popular greeting card company in an effort to sell greeting cards. Truthfully, I don’t know of any holiday they have created but that’s that the term refers to. But use this day to express yourself. Don’t live on assumptions…

Sunday May 12 is Mother’s Day here in the US. I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you guys to honor this day.

Part of being a man is honoring the women in your life. Today is about your mother, and also the mother of your children if you have them. Regarding your mother, she gave you life, she raised you, and she helped shape the life you have today. Even in cases where you aren’t happy with your upbringing, you are still here and owe your mom a thank you for giving you the gift of life.

So today, pour your gratitude into a card. Send her a token of your appreciation. If she is far, call her and spend an uninterrupted amount of time talking and catching up.

If you have a “mother of your children”, then hold her tight, kiss her, and get weak for a moment and show her how appreciative of the life she has built with you.

And sadly, if your mother has passed, take part of the day to honor her. Do something that would have made her smile. Honor her.

In the United States we are celebrating Mother’s Day on may 12. I know other countries like Mexico have different dates and different traditions. Unfortunately, I don’t know the customs of other area of the world – yet !

Please post a comment with your countries tradition, if it has one. Also feel free to motivate these guys with some ideas for Mother’s Day.

Winston Churchill once said, “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

– Have the wisdom and maturity to see the lesson in each failure and let it teach you and motivate you to move on to the next challenge, and succeed.


Wednesday was my grandmother’s (granny) birthday, she turned 83. And I don’t know if its because I’m getting older or because I live so far away from my family, but recently when one of my older relatives has a birthday, it really makes me reflect on their lives and then in turn, my own.

The thought process usually goes like this: If I were called home over the tragic news that something happened to family member/ friend X and I was asked to speak at their funeral, what would I say about that persons life? Clearly it depends on the person and most likely I would touch on all the positives.

BUT, what would people say about me? More importantly, would I be happy with everything they had to say?

See, I have a ton of ideas in my head about things I want to do and places I want to see. But often times I put things off because I don’t want to sit down and plan that trip to Thailand or I don’t want to burn the vacation days to ride a motorcycle across the country. But I talk about these things, these dreams, and say that I will do them – someday.

The problem is “someday” can get far away from you very quickly… I’ll wait until I have more money saved up. Maybe I’ll start on that project tomorrow. Once I retire, then I’m really going to get involved in…

There are always reason why you can put something off until later. But we lose track of our priorities and our goals because life starts to distract us. Sadly though, life doesn’t stand still while we wait to achieve these goals.

What goals are on your to-do list?? What steps have you taken to get closer to fulfilling them? If someone who knew you well had to stand and talk about your life, would they talk about all the things you did, or all the things you talked about doing?

Will you rest in peace knowing you did everything you wanted in life, or at least tried to?