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The social media acknowledgment, specifically the birthday reminders; some say this digital act is informal, heartless, and insincere. Clearly this is not the best method to use for your loved ones and those closest to you. Reach out to them, talk to them, maybe even spend the day with them when the occasion comes up. But don’t completely disregard the small act of using social media for wishing someone a happy birthday or “thinking of you.”

You never know what’s going on in someone’s life. Social media has given us the tools to keep in touch, or at least up to date, with people that we would probably otherwise lose touch with altogether.

Around the time of my birthday I had all kinds of things on my mind that had me stressed out. Some people knew about these things but most didn’t. So needless to say, I felt kind of alone at times. But I remember seeing the birthday wishes from people from all stages of my life, who are also geographically all over the world now. It didn’t take those people more than 10 seconds and zero money to write a three word post and send it off. But it meant the world to me.

Some of those people I still see and talk to on a somewhat regular basis. But for many of them, we only stay connected through social media. When I saw their posts and birthday wishes, it was so uplifting. It was more than just seeing that they were wishing me a happy birthday. It was a moment where I reminisced in my mind about how or when those people paths crossed mine. And I am a huge believer that everything happens for a reason!

Now knowing what it meant to me, I make it a point everyday to acknowledge those reminders and reach out to say a quick hello.

Don’t discount those small random acts that you may think are informal, insincere, and meaningless. You have no idea what that other person may be going through at that time and it just might mean the world to them.


– seen on Facebook

Don’t be the guy that lives in a box; one that only does what he’s told to do, only what he is assigned, just the bare minimum.

Life doesn’t occur in a box with set parameters. Sometimes you will have to stay late. Sometimes you will have to do more than your fair share. Sometimes you will find yourself doing things that “aren’t in your job description.”

Have a work ethic to get the job done. Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond. Take some personal leadership and do what you do well.

We all have a guy we work with who doesn’t carry his own weight, never can stay late, and is incredibly mediocre. Don’t be that guy.

Anyone can be a robot and complete tasks as they are dished out, but few people can be the go-to-guy where people know the job will get done and get done well.



Some of you may be old enough to remember the black and white western tv show “the Lone Ranger.” Other may only remember his black mask and trusty horse “silver.” But I came across an article recently in a trade magazine that outlined the morals by which the Lone Ranger lived. After reading it I thought it was fitting to post. If more men followed these timeless tidbits we might all be a little better off.


• I believe that to have a friend, a man must be one.

• I believe that all men are created equal and that everyone has within himself the power to make this a better world.

• I believe that God put the firewood there, but that every man must gather and light it himself.

• I believe in being prepared physically, mentally, and morally to fight when necessary for that which is right.

• I believe a man should make the most of the equipment he has.

• I believe that men should live by the rule of what is best for the greatest number.

• I believe that sooner or later.. Somewhere, somehow, we must settle with the world and make payment for what we have taken.

• I believe that all things change but truth, and that alone lives on forever.

• I believe in my creator, my country, and my fellow man

Ok so our whole life is governed by rules, some big some small. When we are young we are under the thumb of our parents. When we are older we have to deal with our boss. And the whole time we have to live by the laws of the land of where ever we choose to live. Then we have social norms, things like not cutting in line and facing forward in a crowded elevator. Some of these “rules” are more personal and close to home – for instance, I’m sure your wife or girlfriend expects you to be loyal to her and not stray. See, lots of rules.

But we are all own own people. The “man” can’t keep us down. We are humans and have the free will to make our own decisions. We technically get to decide what rules we will obey and which ones we might bend or simply just not adhere to at all. As an adult you get more and more “freedom” to decide which rules are more important than others, but ironically the penalties increase as well.

Everyone’s moral compass is formed by their upbringing, culture, experiences, etc. So I hold no authority in telling you which decisions to make. But what I do want to tell you is that regardless of which rules you choose to bend, push, or disregard – be man enough to take your licks if you get called out on it. You know right from wrong. So you have no one to blame but your self when and if you get caught. And don’t be a guy without a spine and start saying “we’ll so and so did it too!” Take your licks. Be accountable.
Sidebar: so what sparked this post?

I chose to bend a work rule and my boss called me on it. I said ok, took my licks and admitted my wrongdoing. I can’t be mad at my boss – he’s doing his job. And I knew the action I was taking.

My coworker also bent the same rule. Also got called out. But got angry with the boss and felt wronged for being disciplined.

Other coworkers weren’t called out. Maybe they went unnoticed. And it’s not my job to name them.

* sounds heinous right? Maybe. But by my moral compass, it wasn’t…

It was Friday. I had been battling a sinus infection for a month. I needed to take my medicine so I made the decision to leave about 10 minutes early. Wrong? Technically yes. End of the world – I didn’t think so, thus my decision to leave.

Did my boss agree? Nope 🙂
So make your decisions wisely about what rules you think are or aren’t important. Know that there are consequences. And decide what action you’ll take. But be accountable for your actions.

You can be mad if you get caught. Just make sure you’re mad at the right person.

Experts say that your personality is formed by age 7. And until your early teenage years you are usually under the protective thumb of your parents, guiding you away from danger and bad decisions. But before you know it you get to make your own decisions, which in some way will direct your life down one of many paths. So it’s a good idea to figure out where you stand on certain issues sooner rather than later.

A lot of this happens rights in front you and you don’t even realize it. We tend to pick up the opinions of our family and friends because that’s what we see most often and until we expand our world (i.e. moving out on your own, going to college, etc) we take the opinions of our close social circle as gospel. But as we grow up/ mature we start to question things more, not necessarily to argue what we’ve been instilled with, but often times to attempt to explain our position to others. You’ll soon realize that your opinion may differ from your parents – which isn’t always a bad thing!

With the upcoming presidential elections, this is a great time to be more cognizant of your stance on all kinds of issues. By watching the daily news or grabbing any daily paper you can see both political parties arguing their views. One side of the other will resonate with you for your own reasons. Be aware of that and realize how you feel about these issues. Also think about why you choose “x” over “y”. This will give you good insight into your values and morals.

It’s good to know where you stand for all kinds of reasons. First, it will educate you on who you want to vote for. But also you’ll be more aware and informed, and in turn be able to hold your own in conversation. It will provide you insight on the type of person you want to date/marry, and what kind of citizen you want to be. You’ll know what types of products you’ll want to buy and use. You’ll feel better supporting or not supporting certain charities. You’ll view the world as an active participant instead of just following the crowd.

As a man it’s good to know where you stand and why. It shows you have an opinion and stand for something. It shows you are taking the lead in your life and choosing a side. It’s easy to be “on the fence” and not commit to either side. But a man knows where he stands and he can tell you why he believes in what he does.