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I could have used this one over the holiday weekend!


Few people want to be a bad guy or do well being the odd man out. But the world is filled with an endless number of opinions and lifestyles and beliefs. By saying that I don’t mean that it’s necessary for someone to be the bad guy but instead that you cannot please everyone. Even at your very best, there will be someone who disagrees or dislikes you.

Human nature includes jealousy, greed, and envy. Some people do better at controlling those emotions than others, but they still exist.

For your own peace of mind you have to just be the best person you can be and accept that you still won’t please everyone. You have to accept that everyone won’t please you.

Get over it, agree to disagree. Accept that differences make the world go ’round. Life without variety would be dull. Part of being your own man means having your own style – but more importantly – it means owning it.

If you aren’t happy with yourself, why should anyone else be?


– Guys: show your sons!
– Ladies: if you guy doesn’t know how to do this, you can win major keeper points by showing him.

Remember when everyone you knew was a stranger to you? No? They were. Even the closest person to you was once a stranger.

People get caught in their routines of life. They rush from their car to the door and back to the car as fast as possible. They do the same thing when they get home. Who wants to bother with the neighbors ? They say they aren’t in the mood to be sociable or they don’t need to make new friends. Nothing can be further from the truth.

My life long friends were strangers at one time. We met way back when we were 4 years old. Some of my best memories were made with people who were once strangers – but we met in college or through work, some of us met having drinks at a bar or in the pool. I don’t know what I’d do without them. We have a blast together. Even your significant other was once a stranger, but one of you took a chance and talked to the other one.

I’ve heard if you grow old and can say you have 3 close friends you can consider yourself lucky. I think we should aim for a lot more than 3!

Don’t underestimate the people that cross your path. Open your kind a little and let people in. You never know what they can offer your life, or you to theirs.

You never know what memories are waiting to be made.

“When you blame others, you give up your power to change.”
— Douglas Noel Adams


If everyone on the road would follow this pattern, traffic would flow a bit easier. Go your own pace, and leave room for other to get around you if needed.

Did you ever meet those people who never break from their routine? Some call themselves “steak and potato” kind-of-guys, meaning that’s what they like so that’s what they eat and that’s that. They don’t budge, they don’t try new things, so don’t bother asking them. Are you one of those people or do you seize opportunities as they arise?

Recently I undertook a somewhat last minute decision to make an 18 hour roadtrip. We “planned” for about a week and said “lets do it!” So we made some quick arrangements and hit the road. I would say we had a vague outline at best. The extent of our planning was picking a route and what time we were going to leave.

During the trip, we stopped in cites we never expected to see and did things we had no idea we would do. From impromptu history lessons of a neighborhood from a long time resident and stumbling upon long lost landmarks to line dancing with people way above my skill level and indulging in an authentic Louisiana crawfish boil, we tried some things that I don’t think we could have planned if we tried. And looking back it was those moments that might have been the best parts of the trip.

So the next time some opportunity to try something new comes up, give it a shot. You might feel akward until you get the hang of it, but most likely it wont kill you.


Seen at a bar in Texas explaining their dress code. Also simple rules to dressing like a gentleman.

The words we’ve all motivated our mothers to say at one point or another. 🙂

But with all those frustrations – I hope, we hope – it was all worth it for them.

We owe it to our mothers for where we are at today and what we have become. Some have led us down a direct track to where we are and other have motivated us by their actions, good and bad, to be what we are today.

Some of us have mothers who we do not agree with and question them as we get older, but regardless we still must remember that we owe our mothers a thank you for putting us here in the first place.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, for making us the men (and women) we are today.