Wednesday was my grandmother’s (granny) birthday, she turned 83. And I don’t know if its because I’m getting older or because I live so far away from my family, but recently when one of my older relatives has a birthday, it really makes me reflect on their lives and then in turn, my own.

The thought process usually goes like this: If I were called home over the tragic news that something happened to family member/ friend X and I was asked to speak at their funeral, what would I say about that persons life? Clearly it depends on the person and most likely I would touch on all the positives.

BUT, what would people say about me? More importantly, would I be happy with everything they had to say?

See, I have a ton of ideas in my head about things I want to do and places I want to see. But often times I put things off because I don’t want to sit down and plan that trip to Thailand or I don’t want to burn the vacation days to ride a motorcycle across the country. But I talk about these things, these dreams, and say that I will do them – someday.

The problem is “someday” can get far away from you very quickly… I’ll wait until I have more money saved up. Maybe I’ll start on that project tomorrow. Once I retire, then I’m really going to get involved in…

There are always reason why you can put something off until later. But we lose track of our priorities and our goals because life starts to distract us. Sadly though, life doesn’t stand still while we wait to achieve these goals.

What goals are on your to-do list?? What steps have you taken to get closer to fulfilling them? If someone who knew you well had to stand and talk about your life, would they talk about all the things you did, or all the things you talked about doing?

Will you rest in peace knowing you did everything you wanted in life, or at least tried to?