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The other day I woke up and realized I’m on the upside of another decade of life. Happy birthday to me.

I woke up feeling good, thinking of everything in the past; the opportunities I’ve had, and the connections I’ve made – and simply felt amazing.

I’m not normally a Monday person but this Monday was different. My bed felt good, my body felt good. Normally I hate waking up on Mondays but today I was grateful to wake up in the bed that I have, in the house that I have, to be able to go to the job that I have and enjoy.

I normally listen to talk radio and all the current news on the way to work but today it was music to celebrate to be happy, to take it all in.

People often use birthdays and New Year’s Eve as a time for reflection, renewal, and growth. But why wait for those marks on the calendar?

  • Take in every day, analyze what you have, where you come from and what you’ve become.
  • Be grateful for the opportunities that you have and how many people have it worse than you.
  • Keep those thoughts in mind when you are having a bad day and you think the world is against you.

Everyone has some slumps they go through with relationships, their jobs, and life in general. But it’s important to stop and realize the signs that the world gives to you to make sure you are grateful for where you are and where you have come from.

Last night we made impromptu plans to go to dinner. We randomly decided we would go out for a local all you can eat crab leg dinner. Without much thinking we jumped in the car, went and enjoyed dinner, and even gambled on some roulette and slot machines (no we didn’t win). But it wasn’t until we were leaving and walking to the car when I got my sign. I saw an entry-level worker (in my field) going about his job in the parking lot. His job is one that most people don’t respect, don’t look up to, and usually never want. It was then that I remembered how at one point I would have done just about anything for his job. I would have been more than proud to be at work every day doing exactly what he was doing.

Fourteen years ago I embarked on my lifelong dream career. I was amazed at the opportunity that I found and the job turned out to be everything I loved and more. But after 3 years I wanted even more. I wanted to relocate and try a larger urban area. I figured if it was this good at home, just think of the potential somewhere else. So I up and moved across the country.

I thought I had a plan. I had a job set up, a place to live, and was ready for the adventure to begin. And did it ever! When I got all moved into my new place and ready to start work I was told the offer had fallen through. No job, but I was now committed to a lease and numerous other bills that I had no idea how I was going to pay. Family offered to send money but it wasn’t their problem to fix. Nor did they know the extent of help I really needed. My former employer kept asking me to come back and even offered me a promotion. But I owed it to myself to not return with my tail between my legs.

I played it off as best as possible. I had some (very little) money saved. I applied other places and kept hoping…. and hoping… and hoping. I had reached my end. I had $32 left to my name. The bills were paid for the month, but after that I was done, I was tapped out.

Two days before my birthday I received a call and was offered a job back in my dream career. Like any other job, it has it downfalls and I have my bad days. But after 14 years I have had the chance to lead in my field, teach in field, and advance into areas I never would have imagined. I continue to find more doors opening up to me and am literally addicted to learning new aspects of my profession every day.

I don’t like to say you really “make it” because you should always be seeking improvement. But it’s a good idea to pause every once in a while and turn around to see the ground you have covered. The journey to get there is the best part of the trip – even with its pitfalls.


Wednesday was my grandmother’s (granny) birthday, she turned 83. And I don’t know if its because I’m getting older or because I live so far away from my family, but recently when one of my older relatives has a birthday, it really makes me reflect on their lives and then in turn, my own.

The thought process usually goes like this: If I were called home over the tragic news that something happened to family member/ friend X and I was asked to speak at their funeral, what would I say about that persons life? Clearly it depends on the person and most likely I would touch on all the positives.

BUT, what would people say about me? More importantly, would I be happy with everything they had to say?

See, I have a ton of ideas in my head about things I want to do and places I want to see. But often times I put things off because I don’t want to sit down and plan that trip to Thailand or I don’t want to burn the vacation days to ride a motorcycle across the country. But I talk about these things, these dreams, and say that I will do them – someday.

The problem is “someday” can get far away from you very quickly… I’ll wait until I have more money saved up. Maybe I’ll start on that project tomorrow. Once I retire, then I’m really going to get involved in…

There are always reason why you can put something off until later. But we lose track of our priorities and our goals because life starts to distract us. Sadly though, life doesn’t stand still while we wait to achieve these goals.

What goals are on your to-do list?? What steps have you taken to get closer to fulfilling them? If someone who knew you well had to stand and talk about your life, would they talk about all the things you did, or all the things you talked about doing?

Will you rest in peace knowing you did everything you wanted in life, or at least tried to?