Think of the ebb and flows of life. You have been happy, but you have been sad. You have been energized, but you have been tired. You have succeeded and some things, and surely you have failed once or twice. These ups and downs is the essence of the world.

One doesn’t exist without the other and I don’t think we would want it to. No one enjoys sadness, but we wouldn’t be able to appreciate and know happiness without it. We couldn’t remain productive and motivated without the occasionally bout of procrastination and laziness.

So the next time you are at a low point, know it will get better. Compare it to your good times and cherish those memories. Use them as motivation to pick yourself back up. And the next time you on a high of life, embrace it. Appreciate it and really be grateful of where your at. Remind yourself how you know what good feels like- because of the trials and tribulations that got you there.