life is full of social events, football season, holiday parties, work events, you name it. Do not be the guy who walks up to the bar with a lost look on his face when the bartender asks “what can I get cha?”

Every guy needs to have a default drink he can order fast. And it doesn’t have to be alcohol. And there will be plenty of times where you can ask for the wine list and take your time and chit chat while you decide if that beer is too dark or too light.

But be a man and know what you like. It can be as easy as ordering a light beer. Or soda water and line. But have something in your mind when you buddy finally get the bartenders attention and your asked what you’re having.

My preferences change depending on my mood and the setting. If I’m watching a game, I’ll have a beer. If I’m in a nice Italian restaurant, I like a glass of Cabernet. But the point is, I know what I like.

If you’re not sure what you like, try some stuff when you are out to dinner, or when your home relaxing.

But don’t be the guy standing there with the “deer in headlights” look on your face when it’s your turn to order.