1. The principle or practice of unselfish concern for the welfare of others.
2. (Philosophy) the philosophical doctrine that right action is that which produces the greatest benefit to others.

Altruist (n)
Altruistic (adj)
Altruistically (adv)

I see people overlook simple actions that are potential good deeds in the making. And sadly these deeds can often occur at no cost and very little effort. Small random acts of kindness can restore our outlook in the world we live in. Here is my recent random experience:

I have wanted a king size bed for the longest time. I wanted it for no other reason that wanting more space. But I kept putting it off because of the cost and lack of necessity. After all, my queen size bed was really more than enough space. But I broke down and got the king anyway.

Ahhhhh paradise .. The bed was delivered and I began to sleep in diagonal bliss! My old queen mattress went to the spare room and my nearly never used bed from the spare room stood against a wall in my office for a week.

I intended to donate it to Goodwill if none of my Facebook friends could find anyone who wanted it. That was the extent of my research. But come to find out, Goodwill no longer accepts beds and I got like minded responses from friends: junk it, no one will want it, put it in the alley… Etc Etc…

But an old friend from college recommended a website called I had never heard of it and had no idea what it was. Long story short, it’s basically a Craigslist but you post items you have or want all for free . Everything is free. You give it away and get things for free.

“Yea yea yea not that novel of an idea” is what I thought. But as I read the posts for items wanted, there were some people that were really in need of some help. There were single moms looking for baby items, people down on their luck needing furniture, all kinda of people just looking for help.

Within an hour I had an overwhelming number of responses. After a few text messages my “trash” quickly became someone else’s “treasure”. After the item changed hands I continued received messages from the family I donated to saying how thankful they were. That made me feel great! I told my college buddy this story and he simple replied “that site has helped me through some rough times…”

This story is not told to “toot my own horn” in anyway. I tell it to illustrate how easy it is to offer a random act of kindness. I am so happy I didn’t toss that bed in dumpster or alley as so many friends advised me to.

With just a small bit of research and the power of the internet a token of goodwill occurred.

What small complimentary thing can you do to make the world a better place?