What kind of person do you want to be? Have you ever thought about it? I bet you have and never even realized it.

Everyone has had days and run-ins with people that get under their skin. When we get cut off in traffic we scream and cuss and try figure what that’s guys problem is. We stand in line and wonder why the person in front of us takes so long. We hear directives from our bosses and wonder how in the world they come up with some of their ideas. Some people treat their significant others worse than they treat their pets.

We look at people and judge their actions and decisions.

We don’t miss a beat when we find a critical flaw in someone else’s personality, but do you ever stop and criticize your own? What impression do you leave on the people you encounter everyday? What would you do if your daughter, sister, or mother was dating someone just like you? Would you approve?

You are a man. Be a good one. Begin today.